N&K G   11/20/2018

Jim did a great job! He was very thorough and patient with our first time home owner questions. He gave great recommendations and they offer guarantees no other inspectors will...definitely recommend!

Pilots Knob

What is a TISH inspection

  • A TISH (Truth in the Sale of Housing) inspection is mandated by the City of Minneapolis whenever you put your house on the market for sale.
  • You must have a TISH report prior to listing on the MLS. 
  • The examination is fairly extensive taking several hours to complete. 
  • The fee is usually about $275.00, with a return inspection fee (if needed) of $75.00
  • You have three options at the conclusion of the examination
    • Clean report (no required repairs) - obtain COA (Certifcate of Acceptance)
    • Execute required repairs - verifiy repairs with return inspection - obtain COA
    • Have buyer assume the required repairs - buyer signes Acknowledgemtn of Responsibility form.
Please note: During these times of COVID19 the seller may not be in the home during the inspection


Please rest assured, that while conducting our TISH inspection, we will be wearing PPE as well.

Doing our part to protect your property.