N&K G   11/20/2018

Jim did a great job! He was very thorough and patient with our first time home owner questions. He gave great recommendations and they offer guarantees no other inspectors will...definitely recommend!

Pike Island where the Mississippi and the Minnesota meet


In order to assure everyone's safety during these special times a few changes in the normal operation of our home inspections have been instituted: 

  • No home inspecion can take place in a home that is currently infected with COVID-19
  • The seller must vacate the property during the inspection
  • Neither the buyer nor the buyer's agent may attend the home inspction
  • A video recap and walk through (20 to 30 minutes long) will be provided in addition to the regular report


Please rest assured, that while conducting our home inspection, we will be wearing PPE as well.

Doing our part to protect your property.